Bluelighttec, Inc. announces IPv6 in 10G Ethernet Tester

Bluelight Technology, Inc. announces a new update for the BlueScope platform to support next-generation IP Protocol IPv6. The 1G/10G Ethernet tester, BlueScope, will be capable of IPv6 traffic generation and receiving along with performing connectivity test and QoS measurements; throughput, latency, packet jitter and ping.

IPv6 is expected to be the new standard protocol for the Internet in succession of IPv4 as IPv6’s adoption takes place worldwide. Ipv6 will look to address shortcomings in IPv4 by expanding upon the addressing and routing capabilities.

  • In IPv6 the IP address size is increased from 32 bits to 128 bits allowing for a much larger IP address pool
  • IPv6 supports a greater number of addressable nodes
  • IPv6 provides more levels of addressing hierarchy
  • IPv6 offers simpler auto-configuration of addresses
  • Ipv6 also supports simplified header format

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