New product release !! BL6800B test tablet

Bluescope BL6800B test tablet; Simplified testing for Ethernet, IP, and Optical networks.

Simply Powerful
Multi-functional, Multi-technology
Handheld test tablet

Introducing The Bluescope BL6800B

  • Simple and easy to use test tablet; increasing productivity and efficiency in testing communication networks.
  • Used to handle and resolve, network turn-up, optical or IP service activation, network protection, network recovery, and/or network restoration of Ethernet, IP, or Optical transport network technologies.
  • Fulfills today’s needs for customers SLA’s service level agreements and QOS requirements throughout a network’s entire service life cycle, enabling a great return on investment.
  • The Test & Measurement industry’s most complete and affordable handheld tablet for Ethernet & IP, SONET/SDH/ PDH, OTN & Fiber Channel testing
  • Physical size, test functionality, ports, line rates, software test applications is unmatched in the industry.
  • Overcomes technology obsolescence while extending your test equipment life cycles.

For comprehensive information on the BL6800B, please download product brochure here.
BL6800B Datasheet

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