About Us

Bluelighttec, Inc. (herein “Bluelight”)is engaged in the business of providing handheld test and measurement(T&M) solutions for the telecommunications industry and commercial and governmental enterprises, which include wired and wireless telecom operators, Metro Ethernet service providers, Internet service providers, network equipment manufacturers, telecommunications infrastructure companies, cable service providers, medium to large size enterprise customers, military, and government agencies.

Bluelight is a US company incorporated in California and its headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley at 6980 Santa Teresa Blvd, San Jose, California, where the company’s main research and development for software and hardware are being carried out.

The company was founded in October of 2006 with the vision of offering the T&M industry compact, easy to use, cost-effective, and productivity enhancing devices that help reduce the cost of network testing and service turn-up time. The founders have set the vision of the company which is to ve the Trendsetter of Network Test and Measurement for the T&M industry.


Bluelight Currently offers various configurations of 1 and/or 10 Gigabit Ethernet handheld testers collectively named BlueScope. The product models offered under BlueScope are: BL200A (single port 1GigE), BL400A (dual port 1GigE), BL1000A (single port 10GigE), BL1400A(single port 10GigE and dual port 1GigE), and BL2000A (dual port 10GigE).