the entire 1G and 10G Ethernet product line, BL200A/BL400A/BL1000A/BL1400A/BL2000A

Bluelight Technology, Inc. announces its latest software release for the entire 1G and 10G Ethernet product line, BL200A/BL400A/BL1000A/BL1400A/BL2000A.
This release launches Fibre Channel as an additional featured testing protocol on these units, to parallel the release of Fibre Channel on the BL6000A.
Importantly, this is a milestone for this product line as Fibre Channel testing enables the lightweight BlueScope to be an ultimate powerful tool for the network engineer.
In addition to telecommunications networks and internet service providers, this added functionality on the BlueScope line targets the enterprise network manager, with the common Fibre Channel and Ethernet large data storage facilities.
With data consolidation centers becoming more and more prevalent in mid to large size companies, the importance of maintaining and ensuring the performance of these data centers becomes key to a company’s IT agenda.
The newest BlueScope units can be used from physical layer diagnostics to higher level performance metrics.
Therefore, these versatile units provide the best value for the company with its open architecture that is able to grow with your business needs.
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